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Our Work

We consult, facilitate, train, research, mentor and engage to build resilience capacity and practice. 

We work throughout Australia and globally on cross-disciplinary resilience at a range of scales.

We focus on building resilience capacity through leadership, training, facilitation, research, and system transformation practice and processes.

Leadership & Resilience Training

We work with people, communities and organisations building leadership skills to navigate change and create positive futures.

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Capacity Building

We work on the practical application of resilience concepts and research to build people's skills and capacity to cope with disruption and continue to grow in positive ways. 

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Facilitating Change

We facilitate large and small group processes, in person and online. Our approach to facilitation ensures all voices are heard and valued.

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Researching Resilience

For over 25 years, we have contributed to the resilience research base to build our understanding of resilience in practice across multiple domains and scales.

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Transforming systems

Resilience, Adaptation and Transformation are key elements of system change. Our work spans transformational system change across communities, governance and infrastructure. 

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