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Capacity building

We build people's skills and capacity to navigate change and uncertainty through training in the application of resilience concepts to real world situations. 

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We are currently working with a cross-disciplinary team of academics and practitioners on the innovative Lifelines project, funded by the Natural Hazards Research Australia. The exploratory project will help improve the resilience of Australia’s lifelines by identifying key data and research needs. It will inform future work on lifelines at Natural Hazards Research Australia and other organisations.


Disaster Resilient: Future Ready 

FRRR's Disaster Resilient: Future Ready supports remote, rural and regional communities to lead initiatives that improve wellbeing, increase preparedness and strengthen resilience. We are pleased to continue our work as a community coach and program advisor into 2023.


Preparing for future climates

Much of our work focuses on building skills and capacities to prepare for future climates and the challenges these will bring. This work takes us to rural, regional, remote and urban communities in Australia, and globally.


Resilience planning for complex systems

We build community capacity to understand and navigate complex systems and plan key interventions for change. We have worked with people to apply this resilience planning work in diverse contexts on several continents.



Wayfinder is a practical guide to design, facilitate and lead collaborative change processes in social-ecological systems.


It draws on resilience thinking, complexity and social-ecological systems approaches to help people assess the situation, strategically plan, and act for sustainable development.

For more information on Wayfinder, a GRAID project in partnership with the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Australian Resilience Centre and the Resilience Alliance please visit

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