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The Australian Resilience Centre offers one-on-one and small to large group training.  We conduct training via Skype, at your venue and in regional areas and capital city venues throughout the year. Please get in touch via our contact page to inquire about current course schedules.


Current 1-3 day training topics include:

  • Resilience 101: An introduction to the application of resilience concepts

  • Designing and implementing resilience-based assessments

  • Resilience-based strategic planning approaches

  • Adaptive governance

  • Adaptive pathways

  • Transformation.


Follow the links to some of our contributions to recent Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on resilience and transformation

Transforming Development: The Science and Practice of Resilience Thinking

GRAID programme at Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University the Centre for Complex Systems In Transition, Stellenbosch University; SDG Academy

April 2018

Massive Open Online Course: Introduction to Resilience for Development

UNDP, in collaboration with SwedBio and other partners

October 2017

How do we assess resilience?

National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans (NBSAPs). The Secretariat of Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

"I've had the pleasure of attending two of the Centre's training courses in resilience thinking. Both times I've been so impressed by Paul's ability to translate complex concepts so that they make sense for his audience, wherever they are at. I don't know anyone with more practical experience of resilience assessment!"

PhD Student, Stockholm University, Sweden

"This was an enjoyable workshop and I learned a lot. You gave us a tonne of new fuel for running future activities with large and diverse groups- win!!"