Paul is an experienced speaker. He gives keynote and other presentations at regional, national and international meetings and conferences.  


Links to some recent presentations are provided below; some other presentations are listed.


Keynote address: Future ready Landcare – how we can prepare for uncertain futures?

SA State Community Landcare Conference

September 2017

Assessing the Resilience of the Australia Cotton Industry

Cotton Research & Development Corporation

Some recent presentations

'Wayfinder: A resilience guide for navigating towards sustainable futures' (2018) Resilience Measurement, Evidence and Learning Conference, New Orleans, USA.

'Planning to change: improving climate adaptation planning practice' (2018) Adaptation futures 2018. 5th International Climate Change Adaptation Conference, Cape Town, South Africa.
'People, places and pathways: integrating resilience-based regional planning with climate adaptation pathways thinking.' 2016 NCCARF Climate Adaptation Conference, Adelaide.
'Wayfinder for resilient futures.' Resilience Frontiers for Global Sustainability. Stockholm, Sweden. 2017
'Future ready Landcare - how can we prepare for uncertain futures.' SA State Community Landcare Conference, Clare, SA. 2017

‘Growing the landcare legacy’ 2015 State Community Landcare Conference, South Australia. September 2015. 


‘Plans are nothing, planning is everything: a real world guide to climate adaptation planning’ Adelaide and Mount Lofty Climate Change Forum, September 2015.


‘Of droughts and flooding rains’: an Australian perspective. University of Dundee, Scotland Winds of Change series: Rethinking the way we respond to a changing climate. February 2015.


‘Resilience in Parks’ workshop session at IUCN World Parks Congress, Sydney. November 2015 (with Mike Jones, IUCN Resilience Taskforce).


Learning to change: turning resilience and adaptive management theory into practice.  Adaptive Management Conference. Institute of Foresters of Australia. Sydney October 2014.


Resilience assessment in practice: A dialogue to share insights from case studies and evaluate assessment approaches. Resilience 2014. Resilience and Development. Mobilizing for Transformation.  Montpellier, France. May 2014 (with Allyson Quinlan, Resilience Alliance).


From resilience theory to on-ground action: lessons from Australian regions applying resilience to natural resource management. Resilience 2014. Resilience and Development. Mobilizing for Transformation.  Montpellier, France. May 2014.


Resilience in practice workshop for resilience practitioners. Australian Resilience Centre and Resilience Alliance, Montpellier France. May 2014 (see also, Resilience thinking in practice workshop, Tempe, Arizona 2011).


Planning for change, a change for planning. National Natural Resource Management Knowledge Conference, Launceston, May 2014.


Lessons from knowledge transfer between science & practice in the NRM planning for climate change program. Climate Change 2014 Future Challenges. National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast 2014.


Resilience thinking for uncertain futures – applying resilience concepts to real world problems. Fire and healthy landscapes: resilient environment, resilient people, Nature Conservation Council of NSW Bushfire Conference. June 2013, Sydney.


 "Paul is the most eloquent speaker on resilience I that I have heard. Top notch learning!"

“Paul Ryan is an engaging communicator, with an impressive ability to convey challenging ideas about systemic change to any audience. Such skills are of immense value as we researchers seek to translate conceptual notions about how to build capacity for useful change into real and positive change on the ground.


It is always a delight to observe those ‘light bulb’ moments among the many types of natural resource managers that Paul has worked with. I have seen many such a moment over the years I have worked with Paul, including in myself, and in Paul, who always shows a keen willingness to learn. ”

Senior Research Fellow, Charles Sturt University