Building capacity

As we enter a new era, the Anthropocene, where human actions have become the dominant driving force on the planet and turbulence and uncertainty dominate, we need to learn new ways of thinking about and understanding problems and develop practical skills to shape our future.


Our focus is on building this capacity, so that people and organisations can deal with the known and unknown challenges of our future in the Anthropocene. We do this through training, mentoring and collaboration.


Local Community Resilience Network (LCRN)

The Local Community Resilience Network project is owned and driven by local community members focused on delivering value during the recovery and preparedness phases of the disaster cycle. The project has harnessed local knowledge and developed the capacity, networks and skills of local people invested in supporting their community, enabling local champions to promote community resilience as a concept, a set of principles and a series of actions in the Little River (NSW) catchment. 


Participants have formed a Community of Practice, the Local Community Resilience Network (LCRN), based on the principle that building community disaster resilience does not lie with any one individual or organisations. The project is building a clear understanding of community challenges and vulnerability informed by local knowledge. To this end, they have mapped support networks, landscape, community and infrastructure vulnerabilities creating awareness around the types of actions that would empower community members to take responsibility for their own preparation.  On a practical front, they have surveyed more than 80 community members to promote personal responsibility and assess community preparedness and have developed and disseminated  ‘Go boxes’ and emergency equipment starter packs, equipment and contacts lists to encourage preparedness.  

Beechworth Festival of Change

The Australian Resilience Centre recently co-convened the Beechworth Festival of Change, a four-day event attended by over 300 change-makers (April 2019). The Festival featured 36 events all designed to build skills, build networks and spark ideas to create positive social and environmental change. Check out the Festival wrap video below.

“I have recently had the pleasure of being better involved with the Resilience Planning Community of Practice. Clearly respected amongst a broad group of practitioners, Paul is able to provide a scientific approach while engendering a collegial environment. The Australian Resilience Centre facilitates access to valuable information and a sharing of lessons across networks. We are now using these established networks to help build our Regional Action Plan and getting Paul’s insights and advice to review our technical approach. While it’s always great to work with smart people, the best thing for me, is being able to work with good people who are honest and sincere in their dealings.”

Policy and Planning Advisor, SA