Adaption is the deliberate adjustment of current thinking and practice towards a desired outcome. Adaptation is usually driven by the need to deal with known changes; to changing contexts and circumstances.
Building tools, practices and approaches that people can use to guide their adaptation work is a core part of our work at the Australian Resilience Centre. We have worked with with a range organisations at the frontline of adaptation, from local government, utilities and agencies, NGOs, local communities, farmers and land managers to explore how their world and the things they value may change in response to climate and other drivers and what they can put in place to adjust to and deal with that change. 
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Selected projects and publications: adaptation pathways
Melbourne Water/Jacobs: Melbourne Water Sewerage Strategy
Paul developed the adaptation pathways component of the Melbourne Water/Jacobs Melbourne Water Sewerage Strategy.
CSIRO: Managing coastal ecological communities in the face of climate change in the Sydney Coastal Councils group region

Paul worked with Dr Mike Dunlop, CSIRO to develop a tool to identify climate ready intervention options for Sydney Coastal Councils to explore the ecological consequences of climate change i the Sydney region.


RMIT: Adaptation pathways planning for coastal biodiversity

Paul facilitated a series of workshops on the RMIT-led research project exploring the use of adaptation pathways planning for coastal biodiversity. The project involved Port Phillip Westernport CMA, City West Water, the SE Councils Climate Change Alliance and some of their stakeholders.


Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority: Adaptation Pathways

Paul worked with the GBCMA on a process to trial the integration of resilience concepts into planning and climate adaptation thinking to inform sub-regional social-ecological plans.


CSIRO: Murray Basin Cluster Project; Climate Adaptation Planning.

Paul was sub-program leader of the 4-year CSIRO Murray Basin Cluster Project. 

The project worked with regional NRM organisations in the Murray Basin cluster to understand planning approaches already in use and refine the integration of climate change information and planning processes. The project team worked with NRM planners to develop a framework for adaptive decision-making processes.


CSIRO: Climate ready conservation objectives; CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship Project.

Paul worked on a CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship project funded by the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility.

This project developed a ‘climate ready’ approach to managing biodiversity to accommodate many ecological changes, remain relevant over time and conserve multiple dimensions that are valued by society.